Wagyu Ground Beef - 10 Lbs.

Wagyu Ground Beef - 10 Lbs.
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The Wagyu Ground Beef from Wagyu cattle is known worldwide for its marbling characteristics is naturally rich flavor, tenderness, and juiciness. Just as Kobe beef can only be used when describing marbling beef from the Kobe region of Japan.

Our Wagyu Australian Kobe-style beef is bred from the line of Wagyu cattle in Japan famous for its exquisite quality.

Steeped in Japanese tradition our Australian Wagyu Kobe beef is bred for incredible marbling and Kobe flavor - Australian wagyu cows are grain fed all-natural with no artificial ingredients or added hormones almost 300500 days of production.

Wagyu cattle often have red wine added to their diet as well. So you know you are experiencing a delicacy of the highest degree.

Treat your family, friends and colleagues to one of the world's great beef-eating pleasures