Pheasant / Duck/ Quail/ Squab/ sampler/ 11 Lbs.

Pheasant / Duck/ Quail/ Squab/ sampler/ 11 Lbs.
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Product Description

Exotic Meat USA offers the best healthiest, natural, hormone free grass feed variety of Game Bird sampler includes 1 Whole Pheasant (3 lb), 8 Quails (2 lb), 1 Muscovey Duck (4 lb), 1 Squab(1 lb), and 1 Poussin (1 lb) Approx. 11 lbs, a great way to try our best exotic and game meat line in USA.

Enjoy the unique flavor of different wild game and exotic meats in one economical gourmet food gift sampler. Super flavor in every bite, it is easy to see why gift sampler is known as The Butcher's Favorite. Traditionally matured for a mouth-watering flavor, choose from our selection of gift sampler - available in a variety of packages.