Kangaroo Boneless Loin Fillets

Kangaroo Boneless Loin Fillets
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Kangaroo Boneless Loin Fillets - 1.6 to 2 Lb.

Kangaroo Boneless Loin Fillets in comparison to other red meats fillets, kangaroo meat is lean and tender with a touch of natural sweetness. Australians Kangaroo meat is high in protein and low in fat (about 2%). Kangaroo meat has a very high concentration of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) when compared with other foods. CLA has been attributed with a wide range of health benefits including anti-carcinogenic and anti-diabetes properties, in addition to reducing obesity and atherosclerosis one of the meat's greatest contributions to your diet is its high protein content. Kangaroo meat is said to be the finest of red meat, with a gentle taste and virtually no marbling, which results in less shrinkage than other red meats.