Exotic Meat Sausage Sampler - 10 Varieties

Exotic Meat Sausage Sampler - 10 Varieties
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Product Description

Enjoy the unique flavor of different Exotic Meat Sausage Sampler - 10 Varieties of eight pounds in one economical gourmet food gift sampler. Super flavor in every bite, it is easy to see why our Exotic Meat Sausage Sampler is known as The Butcher's Favorite.

Traditionally matured for a mouth-watering flavor, choose from our selection of gift sampler - available in a variety of box.

Expertly trimmed and kitchen ready and great value

Our experts selects only the best prime specimens of sausages for us which the same high standards as we do our meat. The products are then professionally frozen straight after cutting to lock in quality and preserve their freshness and flavor. Individually packed for your convenience this assortment is packed in our unique sampler. It's a great gift idea for that sausage gift connoisseur.