Buffalo / Bison Top Sirloin Steak - 2 Steaks 8 Oz. Each

Buffalo / Bison Top Sirloin Steak - 2 Steaks 8 Oz. Each
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Product Description

Top Sirloin Buffalo Steaks (2-8oz. count) 1 lb. Package • Our Top Sirloin Buffalo Steaks is from the grasslands of North America, it can sometimes be known as Buffalo steaks.

•Our Top Sirloin Buffalo Steaks is a very lean red meat that is extremely tender and full of flavor.

• Buffalo Steaks contains valuable antioxidants essential for the immune system.

• Buffalo Steaks are 97% fat free and contains 40% more protein than Beef!

Bison Meat: Bison's flavor is often described as a richer version of beef with just a hint of sweetness. It is not gamey at all, and has a deeper red color and coarser grain than beef. Bison meat is much healthier than conventional grain-fed beef. Its primary health benefits are its low fat and high amount of iron. This makes it an ideal red meat choice for those concerned about eating heart healthy food.

When you cook our bison with the finest ingredients, you need no fancy recipes to make a fabulous meal. However, even the best bison meat can be compromised if it's cooked incorrectly.