Beaver Stew Meat - 1lb. Box

 Beaver Stew Meat - 1lb. Box
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Beaver Stew Meat - 16 oz.-beaver meat is high in protein and probably better than beef and supplemented well, Beaver meat is dark red, fine-grained, moist and tender, and when properly prepared, is similar in flavor to roast pork. It is usually slow-cooked in a broth and was a valuable food source to Native Americans.

Beaver Meat is red, rich, and delicious. Beaver Meat should be marinated for at least 24 to 48 hours and cooked slowly in a crock pot with broth. Add your own favorite spices, herbs, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, and fresh onions.

Beaver is a strong muscular animal. Beavers are herbivores. Beavers eat the leaves, inner bark, and twigs of aspen, alder, birch, cottonwood, willow, and other deciduous trees. Beavers also eat shrubs, ferns, aquatic plants, grasses, and crops, including corn and beans.