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Axis Deer Meat
The Axis Deer. Axis venison is considered by many to be the finest venison in the world. A native of India, the Axis deer is considered the universal favorite. The meat is finely textured and tender, but is farmed on ranches in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

Axis Venison is considered by many to be the best-tasting venison. Axis venison has the mildest flavor and most tender meat of commercially marketed venison and is the most approachable to restaurant guests who may be afraid to try game meat.

The meat is deep red in color and contains less than 1% fat and therefore can be marketed as fat-free. By comparison, Fallow Deer & Red Deer have a fat content of 5% to 7%. Axis Deer meat was judged best tasting wild game meat by the Exotic Wildlife