Axis Deer Tenderloin Average Weight 1 to 1.5 Lbs.

Axis Deer Tenderloin Average Weight 1 to 1.5 Lbs.
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Product Description

Axis Tenderloin is most tender, lean, succulent, flavorful, and great when cooked whole on the grill. Best when cooked whole, then sliced. Axis Deer Tenderloin.

Our butchers select only the best prime specimens of Tenderloin for us which meat mature in the traditional way by hanging and then prepares to the same high standards as we do our Tenderloin meat. The Tenderloin is then professionally frozen straight after cutting to lock in quality and preserve their freshness and flavor. A great tender game meat to try and about as natural as you can get!

We serve Tenderloin meats with no growth hormones, steroids or drug residues reside in our exotic meat, for today’s health-conscious consumer, exotic meat is the natural choice for healthy eating, find out for yourself why exotic meats are becoming a popular leading culinary