Alpaca Burgers -4 Lbs. Box Exotic Meat USA

 Alpaca Burgers -4 Lbs. Box Exotic Meat USA
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Product Description

The Alpaca Burgers -4 Lbs. Box is lean, tender and almost sweet. There are many health benefits of alpaca meat in comparison to the online store meats. Alpaca meat is the meat of the Andes and one of the healthiest and oldest food sources of the Incanís and pre-Incans, and remains a South American meat delicacy as well as important daily food source.

Alpaca meat is described as a mild meat which takes on the flavor of what its mixed with Tender and lean, high in protein with no fatty after taste.

Alpaca meat is not only rich in proteins, but also low in fat & has the lowest level of cholesterol of any meat you can buy online or your local store.